Let's talk to your customers

Product and service ideas are more likely to succeed if they are informed by customer needs. We are a research consultancy that helps you to ask the right questions.

Discovery Research

We embed in your team to lead discovery research projects early in the product development process. Understand the tasks and goals of your customers and uncover the pain points that your product should address first.

Capability Building

We help you to grow a sustainable product research practice in your business. Through workshops, research planning and mentoring of team members, we'll help make the customer central to your company.



Andrew Muir Wood, looking innovative

Andrew Muir Wood


Design Strategy

Andrew is a research craftsman, honing his approach for over 12 years. He started with a PhD on the evolution of consumer products, but then the alluring scent of post-it notes and sharpies lured him into the world of commercial product strategy. He believes that research can unlock innovation across teams and disciplines. And he thinks the best projects are fast, affordable, collaborative and fun.

He has a gift for quickly grasping new topics and sectors and seeing connections between them. His passion for making, and training in design allow him to translate research into action. As a 4-time best man and 1-time wedding celebrant, he loves a story, and searches for new immersive ways to explain customer needs and behaviours.

Maia Muir Wood, on an adventure

Maia Muir Wood

BA (Oxon), MSc

Design Research

Maia is in her element in the field, whether she’s nosing in fridges in the name of ethnography, or putting people at ease to open up about their fears. Degrees in Human Sciences and International Development mean she is endlessly thoughtful about what makes people tick and how to design a world that works better for them.

When Maia isn’t exploring new topics for clients, she still looks for ways to expand her understanding of the world. She recently cycled from the UK to Turkey, with the greatest joy coming from meeting people in the most in-between places. That ability to plan out several months in the saddle comes in handy when she diligently ensures that our research operations run smoothly.